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UBUNTU’s dynamic diverse team of workforce performance development, DEI & Belonging, cross culture communication, and organizational culture change training and facilitation experts bring to its innovative, action-oriented, and hands-on solutions-based consulting services:


Critical Skills Strengthening and Capacity Building

UBUNTU guides leadership teams, employees, and career professionals with the development of and strengthening of soft skills which will improve their overall performance, communication, and impact their work experience. Additionally, provide capacity development allowing individuals and organizations to obtain, develop, and retain the skills, knowledge, competencies, and resources needed to do their jobs effectively and competently.

DEI & Cultural Competence and Communication

UBUNTU guides leadership teams, employees, and career professionals to effectively embrace the mindset that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as well as cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. Additionally, using culture change facilitation, cross and intercultural communication strategies to cultivate a diverse, productive, inclusive, and engaging workplace culture which in turn improves collaboration within organizations with a diverse workforce and global client base.

Team Building and Employee Engagement

UBUNTU facilitates innovative and dynamic team building activities and training to motivate leadership teams, employees, and career professionals to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. These trainings help improve communication, increase trust, increase collaboration, improve productivity, encourage creativity, and further positive reinforcement.

Optimizing Workforce Performance Development

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What do our clients say about us?

The CDC Employee Association of Emory Alumni (EAEA) invited Hermence to give a professional development workshop to our network and it was fantastic. Hermence embodies an experienced global health professional who brings her authentic leadership to the table. Our members have gained confidence in their skills and presentation abilities.

Julia S. Chen, MPH
Senior Consultant Booz Allen Hamilton
Former CDC Health Communication Specialist
Atlanta, Georgia

“I have been really impressed by Hermence’s ability to lead programs, share her knowledge, and to ensure everyone is engaged during the various capacity building skills development and cross-cultural communication sessions she developed and led. Hermence used role play, team exercises, and practical examples to emphasize key messages in her sessions and which made them very interactive. Hermence and her UBUNTU team of experts demonstrate passion for effective communication and skills acquisition in Public Health. As a result, global health workforce is transformed for the better.”

Cyrille Gourmanon, MD
Medical Epidemiologist Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A)

We are lucky to have worked in partnership with Hermence and her team at the U.S. Peace Corps. I am still inspired by her work ethic 10 years later. Without reservation, I can attest to the fact that Hermence and her team live and work by principles of inclusivity, respect for diversity, and appreciation for both big ideas and with an eye for little details - while elevating the voices of otherwise voiceless people.

Love Odih Kumuyi
Associate Dean
Peace Buildingand Policy Implementation Cornell University New York, NY

"I worked with Hermence during the Ebola crisis in Guinea. While Peace Corps Volunteers had been evacuated from Guinea, our staff remained in place and an interagency agreement was signed to support the CDC. Hermence came to Guinea and helped lead training with WHO for contact tracing team supervisors and health workers in Conakry using her excellent French language skills. This training focused on risk communication skills to negotiate positive citizen cooperation. Pre and post-tests showed strong positive results, and participants reported essential work benefits. In sum, Hermence is a dynamic and effective trainer!”

Doug Teschner
Former Peace Corps Director, President of Growing Leadership, LLC
Pike, New Hampshire (U.S.A)

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“In Africa, there is a concept known as “ubuntu”- the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.”

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